Corporate Values


Respect, honesty and reliability are basic values of our daily business life. We keep our promises and sustain our agreements. We have a responsibility to protect the safety of people and the environment, in accordance with the laws and regulations, as a conscious act.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

We consider the all responsibilities when we rushed to interference. Always look ahead, determine trends, opportunities and risks steadfastly.

Finding a Solution

We aim to bring the value of the benefit of our customers and our company with creative ideas, personal commitment and continuous improvement. We always aim to leave behind our competitor with excellence of  product, process and service.


We are working in a simple way and feasible. With experts in our field of operation, we focus on the feasible advantage of our activities. The quality and speed are an integral part of our daily live.

To Give Importance to the People

We respect each other as well as business partners. We are aware of each other's development and we support each other. We believe that; healthy, safe and positive working area adds value in UYGAR identities and motive of employees.

To Win Together

Trust, honesty and support create the basic shape of our system. These, leads us to the success as both the team and the company.